The advent of 2020 brought huge hype to the NFT world. A lot of games are up-coming and building pace into NFT space.

NFT Games are among the trending utilization of the usage of NFTs, which are the digital assets, into the gaming industry. Gaming Industry brought to the virtual VR/AR world with the involvement of NFTs.

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Let’s dig into the details of what are NFT games and what is their relevance before proceeding further with the 7 most popular NFT games in 2022.


NFT games are increasingly popular as a source of income in the Game-fi industry. With play-to-earn models, you can also earn tokens by reselling in-game NFTs from other players and collectors.


Also Read: What is NFT ? Some interesting Facts of NFT-101

Transferring your gaming NFTs to the proper wallet throughout this process requires caution. While transmitting NFT to another user or an NFT marketplace, be aware of common frauds.

Last but not least, thoroughly go over the guidelines for each NFT game you play to look for any potential pitfalls.

The two platforms with the most NFT games are Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Others employ collectible cards like Sorare, while some use collectible figurines like CryptoBlades and Axie Infinity.

NFT games have evolved since their start during the CryptoKitties boom and now feature play-to-earn strategies. The so-called “Game-Fi” platform combines the worlds of gaming and finance and offers gamers the chance to make money as they play.

You are no longer constrained to relying simply on locating, obtaining, or breeding an expensive, uncommon object. In addition to gathering animals, players may explore a variety of game models in various themes.

Consumers may have a greater understanding of the value and usefulness of assets gained through in-game purchases, normal gaming, or marketing efforts in blockchain-enabled games where value production is prioritized more.

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For instance, purchasing an item in a conventional video game only benefits the gamer by enhancing their experience. Cross-platform non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used in video games to make the purchased item transferrable and exchangeable for money or other goods and advantages.

Players in NFT games have the choice to use bitcoin to move their winnings to another game or trade them with any other player.


With NFT games, you have more choices than merely keeping bitcoin-related stuff in your wallet. An NFT game will employ NFTs for its rules, gameplay, and player interactions.

For example, a game may show your own avatar or character as an NFT. The digital products you win while playing the game also include NFTs. You may then trade or sell your NFTs to other players for cash.

A more contemporary play-to-earn model, which we’ll discuss in more depth later, may also be used to monetize NFT games.

So, from a technological standpoint, how do NFTs fit into a gaming environment? The rules for the NFTs that are utilized are specified in smart contracts, which are made by developers and used to exchange, manufacture, and implement NFTs within games. Self-executing bits of code known as smart contracts are kept on a blockchain.

For instance, the core of the game CryptoKitties is made up of a few basic contracts. The geneScience contract, which establishes the random processes used to produce new cats, is their most well-known accomplishment.

The code was first kept a secret by the game’s creators. Curious players even devised ways to calculate the likelihood that specific cat features would appear. Players may increase their chances of creating a rare breed that is more valuable by using this information.



NFTs can be saved as treasures or sold as digital trading cards, and collectibles can occasionally fetch thousands of dollars.

Cryptokitties, strange digital kittens that surged in popularity among collectors in 2017, were the first NFT to be viewed as a collectible. In addition, it is recognized as the first use of NFT.

As long as they are regarded as collectibles, businesses provide a wide variety of trading cards and collectibles on the NFT market.


What distinguishes clothes from other items that may be purchased and sold on the NFT market? It is up to you to decide to spend money on a stunning bikini that you won’t be able to wear.

Using NFTs to customize your online avatars is an alternative to purchasing NFTs artwork. The more wealthy and fashion-conscious demographic is unquestionably the target market for this kind of NFT. It makes sense that each thing would be unique and constrained.


The biggest development in NFTs in recent years has been the selling of memes as NFTs. Despite being widely used online and in popular culture, memes have been associated with NFTs. The selling of memes as NFTs shows how ready meme makers are to construct a shifting future environment.


Users may now buy and sell domain names because of the NFT market. By purchasing a domain name on the NFT market, you may be able to avoid having to pay a third-party organization to handle it.

You don’t need an intermediary since the name ownership has exclusive rights.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Unstoppable Domains, which offer decentralized domain name services, are two examples of domain name NFTs providers.

Below is the list of top 7 most popular NFT games in 2022:


A free-to-play game called Gods Unchained blends aspects of NFT with the well-known card trading game genre. Cards are obtained by players in PVP games by buying them from other players or winning the fight, where the victor is typically decided by the strength of the player’s hand and their gaming prowess.

The greater emphasis on abilities and strategy is a noticeable difference. This is done so that players in the ranked game mode of the game can be placed together depending on ratings. 

When your strategy reduces your opponent’s life to 0 before your own, you win the game. You get experience points for each victory. You advance to the next rating or level and get a fresh pack of cards to add to your collection as soon as the experience meter is full.

It’s vital to pay attention to the ERC-721 token that underpins each card. As a result, you may trade them on both the platform’s internal market and the open market. Anyone who chooses to sell cards inside the game will be compensated with GODS, the platform’s own currency.

At the time this lecture was written, the GODS token had not yet been properly formed. Before making a purchase or accepting any token that has been promoted as such, make careful to confirm and verify that the development team has released the GODS tokens to the cryptocurrency market. 


The Sandbox is a voxel-based metaverse and one of the busiest NFT gaming platforms where players may build and trade virtual products. Players in this game have control over and access to voxel things.

One may liken it to the blockchain adaptation of popular video games like Roblox and Minecraft. Users who utilize the platforms may design and create products that they can later sell on online markets.

Users of the platform may make and play inventive games. Sandbox 3D has released SAND, the native token of the metaverse, as an ERC-20 token. This may be used by players to purchase in-game goods from the platform market.


In order to find new planets, the NFT Defi metaverse Alien Worlds simulates economic competition and player collaboration. Players are encouraged to engage in combat for Trilium (TLM), which is required to control rival decentralized autonomous organizations (Planet DAOs) and open new games.

In the Alien Worlds metaverse, players can acquire NFTs to conduct TLM mining operations, take part in combat, and complete assignments. Depending on their gaming strategy, players can purchase and construct NFTs that best suit their needs. Additionally, players may influence the game’s administration by selecting the Councillors for six different Planet DAOs.


The video game Battle Racers, as its name suggests, was inspired by well-known works like Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. The main objective is to mix various tools and components to build the sturdiest automobiles imaginable.

Players can mix various tools and weaponry on the arcade-style circuits to offer themselves a tactical advantage. Your cherished or successful vehicles may be registered on the blockchain as NFTs and afterward sold on OpenSea for bitcoin.

 Every player aims to build the perfect automobile by prioritizing specific abilities and characteristics. To win matches, you could choose handling over speed or firepower over the defense. This game is now available in the blockchain-based virtual environment Decentraland.


Below is the list of NFT games for earning money while playing games:


A virtual reality software called Decentraland allows users to purchase land and create custom 3D worlds. Once a person purchases land, they are free to construct anything they want there, including fully functional online storefronts and brand-new games.

Even third parties may be hired by players to keep an eye on their property while they are abroad. A user needs an Ethereum wallet in order to purchase and store MANA, the game’s native currency, in order to begin playing Decentraland.

On the platform, they may then start engaging. As of June 27, 2022, there were around 1.85 billion MANA coins in circulation, and each one is just marginally worth $0.93.


In April 2021, the NFT game CryptoBlades—billed as an RPG—was made available on Binance Smart Chain. The game’s in-game money, known as SKILL tokens, must first be purchased by players.

They acquire and construct weapons and characters using their SKILL. Players receive more SKILL by defeating foes in combat, which they can then withdraw, sell on the secondary market, or spend to buy additional in-game items.

As of June 27, 2022, 88%, or 1,000,000 SKILL tokens, have already been utilized, making each token worth $1.93.


Users may build a variety of horses as NFTs in the play-to-earn horse racing game Zed Run, which they can then buy, sell, and trade with other players online. Users can choose to train their current horses or breed new ones.

In this play-to-earn game, players race their horses to gain rewards. To improve the chances of winning races, players can upgrade their horses. Each horse has benefits and drawbacks. They might even wager on other players to win money.


On this well-known play-to-earn gaming platform, players must purchase seeds in order to play the game. Players may use PVU tokens to purchase seeds on the market in this well-known NFT game. While you’re still playing, you may subsequently trade these tokens for PVU at a specific cryptocurrency exchange.


You may indeed earn money by playing NFT games. There are several ways for anyone to start generating money from these sites, regardless of whether they are at an expert player level or at a beginner level.

Persistence and patience are key components of the money-making approach in the NFT game.

Here are some games which will allow you to make money while playing:

1. Axie Infinity

2. Mines of dalarnia

3. My neighbour Alice 

4. The Sandbox


Yes, most of the NFT games are free to play. Some play-to-earn games may be priced out due to the recent frenzy around them because the value of specific in-game NFTs has skyrocketed. 


A cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask, which you may link to the game’s website, is frequently necessary. Because many games still provide free token incentives, you must link a wallet even if a game is free to play. Typically, the following jobs are the simplest to finish:

1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet; the default option is MetaMask. 2. Invest in Ethereum.

2. Ethereum is required even if a game has its own currency.

3. Use your wallet’s connection to the game’s website to make an NFT purchase.

4. You may also buy NFT in OpenSea for a game and save it in your wallet.

5. Complete the game to unlock your NFT beast or hero and give them an upgrade.



Tamadoge is more than simply an additional doge network coin. It is practical and gives users the chance to generate money. Players battle for benefits from a prize pool in this Tamaverse-based cryptocurrency game.

Despite the fact that Dogecoin’s availability has significantly expanded, the supply of Tamadoge is declining since 5% of the Tamadoge that is spent is permanently burned.

Tamadoge, however, is more than merely another NFT game. Even though it is now in presale, the creators are negotiating partnerships to turn it into a Metaverse game and add the money to centralized exchanges to increase its visibility.

Since 50% of the entire quantity will be sold before it is listed on a decentralized exchange, now is the ideal time to invest in this coin. The remaining 30% of Tamadoge tokens will then be produced over the next 10 years, with 20% of them set aside for exchange listings.


Battle Infinity is our choice for the year’s top NFT game. Through the use of P2E components, Battle Infinity aims to convincingly incorporate NFTs into a full metaverse.

The Battle Infinity metaverse, often known as the “Battle Arena,” is set up as NFTs, which makes trading all of the necessary items straightforward. Using $IBAT, Battle Infinity’s native token allows for trading.

Through Battle Market, the ecosystem’s own integrated NFT market, players will be able to trade in-game stuff as well as produce and sell digital art. A range of goods, including accessories for player avatars, will be available for purchase by customers. 


According to our review of hundreds of NFT games from various sectors, Silks is the best play-to-earn game this year. The first fake play-to-earn metaverse to imitate genuine thoroughbred horse racing.

The $11 billion horse racing business, which has historically prospered despite adverse economic conditions like recessions, is reflected in Silks. It’s expected that prize money and thoroughbred horse sales in 2022 will surpass past highs.


One of the top NFT games for 2022 is Lucky Block. It is one of the most anticipated in the greater bitcoin industry. It provides daily prize draws using a helpful smartphone app. Prizes are distributed fairly and openly because of the platform’s total decentralization and hosting on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Users of the Lucky Block app can buy a ticket for the daily prize draws. The prize pool is financed by the transactional tax collected from each sale of LBLOCK, Lucky Block’s native token, as well as through the sale of tickets. By choosing winners at random, the Chainlink VRF service makes sure that Lucky Block complies with all legal requirements.


Art is only worth what collectors are willing to pay for it. The greatest well-known artists in the past didn’t become well-known until many years after their passing. Consider the most costly paintings ever created: the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, “Number 17A” by Jackson Pollock, and “The Card Players” by Paul Cézanne.

What would “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” be worth in a century if it is currently valued at close to $70 million? No one is certain, but it’s conceivable that the response is “nothing.”

Everything hinges on whether or not collectors would appreciate and seek this art in the same manner that we now do with the works of ancient painters.

NFT art has a large following and is a rising industry. However, there are very serious issues with these digital works of art that might spell their downfall.

The enjoyment of NFTs. They provide a means for you to buy non-cryptographic assets on the blockchain. They should be seen as extremely hazardous, highly speculative ventures when making an investment.


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