How to invest in Metaverse | Top 7 Metaverse Investment Strategies

Whether we accept it or not, the Metaverse is the future. The epidemic radically altered the planet. The newer generations may never step foot in an office and operate remotely from a virtual environment since it makes remote work more widespread than ever before.

People of all ages are witnessing a profound change in how they work and how we all operate globally. It is hard to forecast the future, especially when considering all the variables that will affect what occurs, such as rules and laws and how governments will enact them.

How people react to the opportunities and problems posed by technological advancement will significantly impact how the future unfolds for all of us. This article unfolds how to invest in metaverse, the merit and demerits and future scope when it comes to metaverse investments for best results.

Is Metaverse a Good Investment?

The Metaverse is currently moving well beyond just being a trend or buzzword. The Metaverse, like other markets, is significantly impacted by speculation and the potential to monetize virtual space through games, concerts, and other lucrative endeavors.

Let me now discuss a few Metaverse stocks that have the potential to become wise investments going the future. But first, it’s important to note that Metaverse real estate values increased by over 700 percent in 2021.

PwC, a professional network, declared that this is an evolution rather than a revolution. However, it might still be a few decades before the Metaverse becomes extensively used by the general public.

Remember that it took roughly that amount of time for social media and mobile devices to go from early uptake to widespread mainstream use.

Despite the fact that all stocks are currently down due to developments in Russia and Ukraine, there is a massive requirement for new cloud and edge servers as well as other software and hardware items necessary for the Metaverse to become widely used.

Therefore, individuals ought to learn more about Nvidia, which is well situated to match the hardware requirements of the Metaverse. Another business worth considering is Micron Technology which is a top supplier of flash memory and storage innovations. Microsoft has revealed its great interest in Metaverse’s proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

According to projections, the change will increase Microsoft’s quarterly sales to almost $4 billion. But more crucially for its metaverse approach, Call of Duty (COD) and World of Warcraft might be structured to function with Microsoft’s VR headsets.

These games join the software giant’s Halo and Minecraft titles and add millions more gamers to its metaverse ambition.

The market for the Metaverse alone might grow to be worth more than $750 billion over the next five years, which is a significant increase from the $22 billion it was valued at in 2020. So, each of us should ask: Do we want to see this industry develop from a distance?

Or do we wish to dabble in tech or metaverse real estate? Although the choice is always up to the individual depending on their financial situation, it’s important to remember never to invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Metaverse

Here, in this article, I will tell you some advantages and disadvantages of metaverse,


1. Thrilling Possibilities

Metaverse stocks may excite investors looking to get in on cutting-edge technology. According to Bloomberg analysts, the value of the Metaverse will increase from its current $478.7 billion valuation in 2020 to roughly $800 billion by 2024, even though all stock investing involves risk, and it is difficult to foresee a stock’s future gain or loss.

2. Affordable Alternatives

You can invest a little money by purchasing fractional shares of some essential metaverse stocks through a brokerage.

3. Large Range of Companies

Many corporations working in the Metaverse—including Amazon and Microsoft—are already recognized as industry leaders in other technology fields and have a history of developing significant, fruitful digital products.


1. The Harmful Impact on the Environment

Virtual worlds, blockchain technology, and bitcoin mining all consume a lot of energy, which is terrible for the environment. As per the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, a single Bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as a typical American household uses in approximately 75 days.

Although many businesses developing these technologies strive for net-zero carbon emissions, the Metaverse is now wholly unsustainable.

2. Disagreement with Outlook

The worth of the Metaverse is already $47 billion. If adoption rates rise as expected, they might reach $800 billion by 2024, which could be used to develop technologies that would progress or improve the state of the physical world as it is today.

The housing shortage is only one of many problems that $47 billion can significantly help solve in our nation. Since some of us are not significant fans of gaming or virtual reality in general, efforts to promote their widespread use in a way that encourages more time on screen and fewer interactions with the outside world can’t be supported.

This is one of the reasons people have avoided investing in the Metaverse.

3. Doubtful Mainstream Adoption

The idea behind the Metaverse is not new. People have long imagined living in such limitless virtual worlds, where they could make purchases, communicate with old and new acquaintances, get married, rent homes, and travel to far-off locations, all from the convenience of their computer seats.

But none of these universes have so far managed to endure and gain widespread acceptance. Interest eventually wanes when people become preoccupied with the needs of the outside world. What makes the Metaverse any different? Some contend that technological improvements over the previous years have improved the virtual reality experience for users.

For example, augmented reality (AR) headsets make you feel as though you’re actually living in and experiencing this parallel world. We all have demanding real-world schedules that leave us little time for internet activities. The public’s interest in the Metaverse appears to be fading despite businesses increasing their investments there.

According to surveys, up to 68 percent of respondents had little or no interest in the development of the Metaverse, and up to 78 percent believed it to be mere marketing hype. Additionally, the number of “metaverse” searches on Google is now about half of what it was in 2021. Additionally, Web 3.0, the decentralized internet that underpins the Metaverse, has only about 50,000 active users, which is a startlingly small figure given the amount of money invested.

How to Invest in Metaverse?

Anyone can invest in the Metaverse and profit from it. Many traditional and blockchain businesses are constructing on this technology. It’s important to understand that investing in the Metaverse is not just about purchasing cryptocurrency.

There are also countless publicly traded businesses that come from a variety of sectors, including entertainment, real estate, and video gaming, among others. One cutting-edge platform that gives consumers the chance to purchase land is Decentraland. Another well-known business with an increasing presence is Meta.

1. Purchase Metaverse Stocks

Investing in metaverse stocks is one of the simplest methods to make money in the Metaverse because it doesn’t need developing a digital cryptocurrency wallet or registering with a crypto exchange. By purchasing shares of businesses that promote the development of the Metaverse, you can invest in metaverse equities similarly to how you would invest in ordinary stocks.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the shares of metaverse corporations move in much the same way as those of other businesses that trade on conventional stock exchanges. Nevertheless, it is frequently a more reliable investment than, say, buying cryptocurrency.

A few examples of stocks related to the Metaverse are Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), previously Facebook, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), a leader in AI computing, and Roblox (NYSE: RBLX), a tech firm that runs the well-known gaming platform. Here are several metaverse stocks to consider buying in the second half of 2022:

  • Meta
  • Nvidia
  • Cloudflare
  • Unity
  • Roblox

2. Buy Cryptocurrency

Purchasing metaverse cryptocurrencies is another option to make money because most metaverse businesses either have their virtual currency or use one that already exists. Cryptocurrencies were created partly to facilitate the world’s transition to the digital one.

Paper currencies cannot provide borderless engagement and transactions, but digital currency can. For instance, Decentraland, being a virtual 3D platform that runs in the browser and features games like Genesis City, has organized virtual events for well-known companies like Adidas and D&G.

Users can buy and sell virtual land parcels using MANA’s Ethereum-based money, or they can choose to purchase MANA as an investment. However, because of its price’s potential for extreme volatility, it is a riskier investing approach.

3. Consider Purchasing a Metaverse ETF

There are already a few good metaverse exchange-traded funds that you might look at while deciding to invest. Choose a managed metaverse stock portfolio if you don’t feel like investing in individual stocks, lack time and understanding, or believe cryptocurrencies are too dangerous.

Investors seeking to lower volatility should consider metaverse ETFs that offer diversification because the growth and success of the Metaverse are still uncertain. Blue-chip tech equities like Meta and emerging businesses are included in Metaverse ETFs. The best Metaverse ETFs to take into account are listed below:

  • Horizons Global Metaverse Index ETF;
  • eToro Metaverse Life Smart Portfolio;
  • Fount Metaverse ETF.
  • Evolve metaverse ETF;
  • Defiance Metaverse ETF;
  • ProShares metaverse ETF;

4. Purchase NFTs

The creation, acquisition, or sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are ownership certificates stored on the blockchain, is another option to contribute to the expansion of the Metaverse. The first illustration is investing in real estate, whether it be physical or digital. Some initiatives are using NFTs to market real estate or virtual land.

For example, Decentraland has auctioned virtual land in the past using NFTs with prices ranging from $6,000 to $100,000. Virtual marketplaces and applications like VRChat are another use case where users can directly mint digital goods in the VR environment.

For instance, Nike has developed its own virtual “Nikeland” and is producing NFTs of its goods. VR art galleries are another excellent example of places where investors can purchase digital art in the form of an NFT. Even some physical museums are offering their artwork in the Metaverse as NFTs.

5. Purchase Metaverse Land

You could even make direct investments in virtual real estate and land in the Metaverse. The virtual land that users purchase can be used to construct art galleries, palaces, or homes.

For instance, much as in the real world, you can purchase a piece of land close to a famous person. Land in the Metaverse is typically sold as an NFT and is sold in lots, so in order to purchase land, you must first have cryptocurrency.

You can purchase virtual land on the Metaverse after purchasing some cryptocurrency and registering your digital wallet. The procedure is a little more difficult, and investing in virtual land is riskier and more volatile. Nevertheless, the market is anticipated to continue expanding, and there are a lot of opportunities.

6. Purchase or Lease Metaverse Buildings

Purchasing pre-built virtual properties is an additional, marginally more complicated method of investing in the Metaverse. For instance, you could buy virtual land and build a storefront or an NFT gallery to display your goods in the virtual world.

It can be applicable to a variety of industries, including art, retail, and entertainment. Because the industry is new, this approach is also risky, and you would need to buy a noticeable place to produce wealth through this investing strategy.

7. Other Investment Opportunities in the Metaverse

In order to power the 3D visualization and experiences in a virtualized world in real-time, the development of the Metaverse necessitates the provision of external services by numerous businesses. For instance, metaverse enterprises will require connectivity, energy, or immersive technology, much as the fashion sector requires apparel manufacturers and suppliers to market their items.

A blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that uses enormous amounts of energy and complex design to provide its services powers the Metaverse’s front-end 3D experience. Many external companies will make an effort to support that. A decentralized metaverse would require several users to invest in the coin that is linked to each site in order for it to work.

Therefore, investor participation is necessary for metaverse enterprises to succeed. Investing in these companies’ shares gives huge prospects for investors because they require funding to create novel solutions. Let’s examine some of the key sectors that will assist Metaverse’s future growth.

  • There will be an increasing number of diverse sub-ecosystems as the Metaverse develops. For instance, new metaverse enterprises will need to have a UI or an interface that users can access at any time, just as any company needs a website for clients to browse.
  • The same as in the real world and on standard websites, a virtual world needs design and graphics to function. Businesses that create virtual roadways, shops, design residences, and other real estate or virtual objects will expand.
  • Companies will need to store the vast volumes of data and bandwidth that the Metaverse will produce. Alternatives to centralized storage will be necessary for the Metaverse. For instance, MEMO, a decentralized storage system that is still in its infancy, is a leader in Meta Storage and provides metaverse businesses with assistance to store enormous volumes of data.
  • Energy usage is among the most criticized drawbacks and major problems in Big Tech. Businesses that can provide environmentally friendly methods and solutions will be acknowledged. For instance, Meta teamed with a brand-new wind farm near Altoona in the US for renewable energy and made a commitment to zero-net emissions by 2030. For Metaverse to continue producing its goods, environmentally friendly alternatives must be found.
  • To make the digital experience even more realistic, immersive hardware items like VR headsets will likely be a focus and continue to advance. These products may also include additional gadgets that include a sense of smell or touch.
  • A high broadband connection is essential to support a fully-functional real-time virtual reality environment that can transfer massive amounts of data. It is unlikely that the existing Wi-Fi network will be able to sustain it, so considerable increases in Wi-Fi connection speeds will be required as the Metaverse develops in order for everything to run properly.
  • As more individuals utilize and interact with the Metaverse’s virtual worlds, their personal data and identification information become more exposed. Businesses that specialize in cybersecurity will be able to promote their services.

Best Metaverse Platform for Future

The increased focus on the possibilities of a metaverse in 2022 has fueled the quest for metaverse platforms. Large IT firms like Microsoft, Facebook, and NVidia are developing their own metaverse solutions. What directions will the Metaverse lead us? The solution can be found in the following list of major metaverse platforms.

1. Decentraland

Decentraland, one of the forerunners in metaverse technology, deserves consideration as a top metaverse platform with remarkable potential. It is a well-liked platform for building, exchanging, earning money from, and discovering a virtual environment.

You can use the platform to build artworks, challenges, sceneries, and a variety of other virtual experiences. It’s interesting that users have full control over the experiences they’ve built on the platform.

The Decentraland building tool is a straightforward tool for getting acquainted with the idea of the Metaverse. For different kinds of artists, the Decentraland website offers a variety of functionality. With multimedia applications and social games, you can improve your virtual experiences in the Metaverse by using complex and well-liked tools.

Decentraland also gives users the chance to explore the Metaverse on other people’s digital land parcels. Decentraland, one of the biggest metaverse platforms, has uncommon opportunities for both learning and enjoyment of virtual encounters.

The Decentraland Marketplace allows the users to buy and sell virtual land as well as other items like names and avatars. In addition, Decentraland organizes international conferences to make the benefits of the Metaverse accessible to everyone.

The Australian Open Metaverse, Drop, and the Buffalo Metaverse Tour are just a few of Decentraland’s most popular events.

2. Illuvium

Illuvium is the next metaverse platform to be on the lookout for. Essentially, it is a full-featured, decentralized RPG adventure game with collectibles. Illuvium, which was created on the Ethereum blockchain and the Immutable X L2 Network, has grown to be one of the most widely used metaverse systems.

Players in the game must scout out vast, varied landscapes in order to find and gather mystical creatures known as Illuvial. The availability of a metaverse chronology is another intriguing element of the metaverse platform. Players might appreciate both the game’s excellent design and the storytelling experience.

Most importantly, Illuvium’s immersive gameplay experience has been a huge success in engaging players. This makes it one of the top metaverse platforms for luring corporate players in addition to gamers.

The ability to avoid GAS costs for every transaction is the most notable feature of Illuvium. Illuvium makes use of Immutable X’s characteristics in order to keep secure custody of resources.

3. Sandbox

According to popularity, The Sandbox should definitely be included in the top 10 metaverse platforms. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized NFT game metaverse. Players can make, trade, buy, and monetize virtual reality NFTs using Sandbox.

It functions as a community-driven platform that enables users and producers to make money off of their virtual assets and other gaming-related experiences. Sandbox is a well-known metaverse platform that gives you the flexibility to show off your inventiveness. The metaverse platform provides tools for building and customizing virtual plots of land as well as hosting events and exhibitions.

The whitepaper of Sandbox has the answers to many questions related to “What are the metaverse platforms?” The whitepaper offers a thorough reference on all of the Sandbox’s features as well as other important information. Users of the Sandbox can manage the platform’s governance through a decentralized autonomous organization.

4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular choice among the best metaverse platforms available right now. Axie Infinity actually provides a better picture of what the Metaverse will look like in the future. Flying robots, magical beings, mutants, and flying beasts are all featured on the gaming metaverse platform. Many fascinating animals are found in the Axie Infinity metaverse, often known as the Axies.

The creatures can be petted by players and used for various in-game duties. The creatures, also known as Axies, can be used by players to, for instance, construct, extend, or protect their world. The Axies can be used by players in wars and conflicts with other gaming universes.

Axie Infinity resembles other online multiplayer games more since it has tasks that players must do in order to advance to higher levels. Given that participants must employ novel tactics and methods in battles with one another, it is one of the greatest metaverse platforms for gaming applications.

The game uses blockchain technology to enable users to build a distinctive and intricate economy within the game’s setting.

5. Roblox

Without Roblox, the list of metaverse services you ought to use right now is insufficient. It is a platform for online gaming that enables users to make their own games. The platform has evolved into a metaverse featuring a variety of digital experiences for all users, particularly VR experiences.

Recently, Roblox and the NFL teamed up to release a metaverse game prior to the Super Bowl in 2022. Roblox, which has millions of users worldwide, has a higher chance of advancing the Metaverse’s future.

Apart from various VR experiences, Roblox’s objective of uniting all experiences under one roof is its most distinctive feature.


The overall perception of investments in the Metaverse demonstrates the ease of investing in the Metaverse using simple ways. By creating a cryptocurrency wallet, you can purchase tokens for the top metaverse marketplaces of your choice. For investing in a particular metaverse platform, investors can also buy in-game NFTs and virtual land parcels.

On the other hand, indirect ways of investment, such as exchange-traded funds and equities of metaverse businesses, are also available to investors in the Metaverse. The Metaverse is still in its early phases while having tremendous growth potential.

As a result, before investing their valuable assets in the Metaverse, investors must carefully consider all aspects of their investments. Right now, find out more about the Metaverse and the most effective strategies to unlock its full potential.


1. Can you make money on Metaverse?

Investing in the Metaverse can offer fantastic chances to make money quickly. Stocks of metaverse companies, metaverse coins, and metaverse NFTs are three popular investment options. Contrary to the actual world, anyone can invest in the Metaverse by purchasing metaverse coins or metaverse NFTs, regardless of their nationality.

2. Is Metaverse a good long-term investment?

The Metaverse is a sector of the economy with tremendous potential. Although it is still in the stage of development, it is already one of the megatrends of the upcoming years, and investors have brought it to light because they view it as a fantastic long-term investment potential.

3. Is buying land in the Metaverse a good investment?

Because it has the potential to increase in value over time, p

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