Currently, NFT trading is making a huge buzz. Therefore, we are here to explain basics of what is NFT trading and 7 Best NFT trading platforms to you and to inform you of the ideal locations for placing trades.

Additionally, we’ll provide you with some advice so that you don’t make any rookie errors when you begin purchasing and selling these virtual assets. Sounds fantastic, right? Then continue reading to learn how to begin trading NFTs!

What is NFT Trading and 8 Best NFT trading Platforms


What is NFT trading?

Every NFT is completely reliant on demand and has no set value. This implies that depending on whether someone else wants to purchase it, your gaming NFT might either be considered useless or have value.

Either buying the most expensive NFT tokens or buying them cheaply with the idea of flipping them to someone else for a profit is the objective. As a result, it is clear that NFTs are just digital assets that may be traded, much like cryptocurrencies, stocks, or commodities.

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How to start NFT Trading?

There are different ways which anyone can use to start NFT trading:

1. Direct NFT Trading

To purchase and sell NFTs, the easiest and most straightforward approach is to engage in NFT trading. You must go to a specific website or app to look for an NFT for sale.

Online markets abound, each with a somewhat distinct set of features and benefits. For completing a transaction, a digital wallet is necessary, but not just any wallet.

Be careful to choose a wallet that can support NFTs because not all wallets can. It must be stocked with cryptocurrencies after being set up. The Crypto wallet can be used to purchase any NFT as per the funds at that moment.

Once the sale has been validated, it will be permanently recorded on the blockchain, and the NFT will show up in your wallet.

2. Investments In The NFT Sector

Trading NFT marketplace tokens or cryptos is the best option if you want to invest in the sector but don’t want to become directly engaged with NFT trading. The worth of the tokens used to conduct transactions increases as a marketplace expands.

The trading of some of the bigger markets, including FLOW, is possible on cryptocurrency exchanges. The digital currencies utilized for NFT trading, such as Ethereum, might also be traded.

As ETH is used more frequently for both NFTs and standard purchases, its value will increase, and profit from token resale is possible.

3. Decentraland

The virtual reality environment known as Decentraland offers a bit more mysterious approach to trade NFTs. This is a digital platform like those in science fiction movies like Ready Player One.

The globe is made up of land plots, each being an NFT that you may buy and claim as your own. You can utilize parcels to build anything you desire, whether it’s a house, a game, or an advertisement.

As the globe grows more populated and land becomes more valuable or scarce, the price of these parcels may increase. A variety of NFT trade alternatives are made possible by the ability to rent or sell parcels so that other producers can post their stuff there.

4. Making and Buying NFTs

Creating an NFT that others would want to purchase and then selling it is the last way to make money. No specific skills are needed to create the digital asset itself; if you want to create a piece of digital art in Paint, you may do so.

It is slightly more difficult to convert it to an NFT, though. The majority of blockchains that enable NFT will have reusable templates.

For instance, Ethereum contains ERC-721, which is used to create the majority of NFTs. Concert tickets and various gaming products are examples of semi-fungible tokens that adhere to the ERC-1155 standard.

A new standard called EIP-2309 also exists, and it enables authors to mint as many NFTs as necessary in a single transaction.

Why should we trade NFTs?

There are several benefits to learning how to trade NFTs, which we go into more depth about in the sections below.

a) NFTs are the Crypto Industry’s Next Big Thing.

Although Quantum, a piece of art that sold recently for over $1.4 million at Sotheby’s, helped non-fungible tokens first gain popularity in 2014, this market didn’t fully take off until 2021.

In fact, Forbes reports that NFT sales in 2021 totaled over $25 billion, up from $94 million the year before. The NFT sector is anticipated to grow considerably more prosperous in 2022.

You may thus enter an innovative and developing industry while it is still in its development by gaining knowledge of how to trade NFTs right now.

b) The NFT Market Is Affordable for All Budgets

It’s a common fallacy that NFT trading is primarily an option for those with substantial investment funds. Of course, there are NFT collections, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, that have since been sold for over a million dollars each.

Having said that, there are NFT series like Lucky Block that can be bought on the primary market for just $1,500.

Additionally, there are numerous NFTs that list for just a few bucks, making this trading activity accessible to traders of all expertise levels and financial backgrounds.

c) Margins of Profit may be Lucrative.

There is a potential that you may invest in a rare find that later sells for a substantial sum of money, even though there are no assurances while looking to learn how to trade NFTs.

For instance, the aforementioned Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, which comprises 10,000 unique tokens, initially scheduled its primary sale in 2021 at merely 0.08 ETH, which at the time was equivalent to around $200.

A few months later, famous people like Eminem and Snoop Dogg spent six or even seven figures for the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Because of this, individuals who placed a wager on this NFT collection when it was originally posted later on profited greatly.

d) You can benefit from underpriced NFT listings.

Finding inexpensive listings is one of the top strategies to earn money while trading NFTs. Of course, this is up for interpretation because an NFT is valued according to what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Having said that, searching for discounted NFTs is no different from searching Amazon or eBay for inexpensive items that may be sold for a premium.

How can we earn money from NFT Trades?

NFT HODLing and NFT flipping is connected to NFT trading. This method is more focused on achieving little, long-term capital appreciation than it is on entering and exiting the market as rapidly as possible.

Investors that are keen on NFT trading frequently purchase and sell an NFT for a little profit before repeating this procedure again. If you now possess a collection of NFTs and are no more in need of them, it is simple to sell them in the same manner as if you had created them yourself.

A Beeple digital art piece was sold by Miami-based art collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile for approximately 1,000 times its original cost in less than six months! On the contrary hand, not all NFTs are the same.

While some are almost worthless, others are worth millions of dollars. As a collector, you must carefully consider an item’s potential for profit from a future resale.

This technique ultimately relies on buying undervalued NFTs and then selling them at the right time, which requires far more perseverance and market knowledge than HODLing. But in the long run, this may lead to exponential financial returns, which is why this strategy is so well-liked by seasoned investors.

NFT trading has become very popular in recent years. NFTs for works of digital art has been auctioned for millions of dollars, and trades involving these virtual assets have regularly made headlines.

The passion for creating and selling NFTs has begun to spread across a variety of spheres of life. Tom Brady and other well-known athletes now market their own special NFTs, and even singers like Grimes and Lil Nas X have been associated with the NFT craze.

NFTs have grown in popularity because they allow customers to engage directly with vendors by cutting out the intermediaries from the transaction. People are drawn to NFT trading mostly because it offers them the chance to prosper financially.

It is quite freeing because almost anyone can comprehend how to create an NFT. Additionally, the NFT trading revolution is just getting started since NFTs are so closely related to crypto games.

Best NFT trading platforms

Below are the list of Best NFT trading platforms:

1. OpenSea

The prominent NFT trading platform, OpenSea, provides the biggest online marketplace. Traders can trade a variety of NFTs, including domain names and works of art.

There are more than 700 projects available, and costs are reasonable, with a 2.5% selling transaction charge. A good selection of payment options, including Ethereum, are accepted by OpenSea.

Overall, with a broad product selection and an easy-to-use interface, it’s a decent choice for those new to NFT trading.

2. Nifty Gateway

A centralized market centred on the US Dollar is called Nifty Gateway. Fine art and collectables referred to as “Nifties” can be bought and sold.

When Canadian singer Grimes raised $6 million by selling her digital artwork on the platform, the platform grabbed headlines. Additionally, the business collaborates with cutting-edge companies to provide limited-edition collections that are only accessible for a set time.

Nifty Gateway is an excellent choice, particularly for those who deal in USD.

3. Rarible

Rarible is another well-known NFT marketplace that links buyers and vendors. An outstanding gallery of virtual artwork and memes is accessible on the user-friendly portal.

Along with Ethereum, Rarible also provides its own virtual currency, RARI, which is intended to ease trade. Customers’ ability to vote on platform modifications and have a voice over the artwork offered is one benefit of owning RARI.

Additionally, collaborating with OpenSea, the NFT trading platform charges a 2.5% fee on each sale. Rarible is a great choice all around for traders who are new to NFTs.

4. NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot is the result of mutual collaboration between the NBA and Dapper Labs, a blockchain-based business in Vancouver. The website provides movies and 3D spatial designs of gaming clips that can be purchased in “packs.”

The Top Shot packs have starting prices of $9 and go up to $999 for uncommon and legendary categories. There may be a line of hundreds of thousands of individuals waiting to purchase digital goods. NBA Top Shot is, without a doubt, the best NFT trading platform for basketball lovers.

5. Binance

The next platform to take into account while learning how to buy and sell NFTs is Binance. With over 100 million users worldwide, this network is primarily recognized for its cryptocurrency trading services.

Additionally, Binance provides mystery boxes, which allow you a chance to get valuable and rare NFTs. There are NFTs available here that trade for only a few bucks, which is ideal for beginners.

In terms of fees, Binance levies a 1% commission. You pay for this when you purchase NFT and once more when you sell it.

You must pay for your purchase in BNB, BUSD, or ETH in order to finance your NFT trading activities. If your Binance exchange account has previously been validated, you should be able to deposit money via a bank transfer or credit/debit card.

6. Crypto.com

When it first debuted, Crypto.com was a major cryptocurrency exchange. However, the platform has now extended into a wide array of other key industries, including top-rated NFT marketplaces, crypto credit cards, loans, and interest accounts.

This includes a wide range of topics, such as music NFTs, artwork, sports programs, and more. The procedure of opening an account is also straightforward and seldom takes longer than a few minutes.

You may deposit money using fiat currency on Crypto.com, unlike other top NFT marketplaces in this industry. In reality, US customers may promptly and cost-free deposit money using ACH.

The usage of a debit or credit card is the alternate choice. Additionally supported are crypto-assets. You will be able to browse the various NFTs on Crypto.com after your account has been financed.

Some of these NFTs just cost a few dollars. Additionally, Crypto.com doesn’t somehow charge any costs when you purchase NFTs, which is a significant benefit.

After purchasing your preferred NFT, you may try to sell it again for a profit on the Crypto.com market. An auction listing or a fixed price are also options.

The ultimate sale price of the NFT that you want to sell is subject to fees of 1.99%. Additionally, see whether any royalties have been imposed by the NFT’s original author.

7. NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad is the next platform to take into account while learning how to trade NFTs. Numerous prominent NFT series, notably Lucky Block, may be found in this developing market.

However, all you need to do to start trading NFTs on this site is connect your MetaMask wallet. Then, you may take your time looking through the numerous NFT projects that are now available, which include both fixed-price ads and auctions.

We also enjoy NFT Launchpad since it gives you the option to instantly create your own non-fungible tokens using the platform. Before listing your NFT for sale, you may give it a distinctive profile and social media links.


NFT trading is expanding quickly, capitalizing on the popularity of card games in the NBA and other professional sports, as well as the rising demand for digital art to achieve an investment volume of $420 million by 2021.

The support sector is expanding as well, with NFT trading exchanges, platforms, applications, and websites springing up everywhere to accommodate the increasing enthusiasm.

Despite the fact that no one can foresee the future of NFT trading—some believe it is a bubble that will burst, while others think it will continue to develop exponentially—it is probable that NFTs will remain.


Q. Is trading NFT profitable?

A. Despite the fact that the majority have cut back on their NFT purchases, there are indications of a long-term healthy and thriving market.

Q. How do you make money by trading NFT?

A. Investing in promising new collections before they surge in value and selling them on NFT-specific markets are two of the finest methods to profit from an NFT.

Q. What kind of NFTs sell best?

A. The most often used type of NFT is art. Just because of that, art is also the NFT kind with the highest sales.

Q. Where do you trade NFTs?

A. Top NFT markets include Foundation, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. There are other specialized markets for certain assets. For instance, the National Basketball Association owns NBA Top Shot, which offers player performance footage for sale as NFTs.

Q. Is it hard to sell an NFT?

A. Yes, selling an NFT is challenging if you don’t already have a customer base. You must find your customers just like anything else, and they will not show up just because you placed something on a webpage or marketplace.

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